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Stay home, stay safe and change your buying behaviour

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No meetings? Where’s marketing!

It is true, sales meetings are still happening, predominately through a camera these days though. Whilst many job functions and industries can happily continue virtually, face-to-face sales is not one of them. If you are a field representative, your skill set is selling, using a wide variety of techniques to help persuade the buyer and close the deal. Body posture, building pressure, among a few quite easily lost over a camera.

So where do you turn to build trust, deliver informative content, and set the stage for that all-important, let's do this?

Activity promotes stability

Sales more than ever needs marketing, not only for sales content, brochures, websites, and email campaigns. Businesses now must show their identity digitally, not just their story but activity, if the cogs are turning 24 hours a day, but no one can see or hear it anymore, it’s your marketeers role to now more than ever display the day-to-day and give an insight to those in the marketplace and the local community.

This not only gives sales something to share on their personal networks, but it also demonstrates success, functionality, and reliability that customers keep their eyes peeled for whilst scrolling.

Engagement promotes longevity

Whilst the term ‘you have to be in it, to win it' is absolutely true. Activity does not automatically bring home the win, it is engagement and user journey that develops positive brand perception, customer loyalty, and return purchases.

It’s in our name, tickle, that’s the process of constant interactions and engagements that marketing provides to establish customer relationships. This is filling the space that face-to-face selling has for many years dominated when persuading prospects to buy your products or services.

Communication expectation

Market leaders have paved the way for customer communication, with parcel tracking and regular purchase updates. The likes of Amazon have thrived during this pandemic, and with it, customer expectations. The benchmark has now been set for messaging and delivery, now most businesses couldn’t come close to the infrastructure Amazon possesses, but customer care, communication, and automation has never been easier. By using intuitive CRM systems, you can organise customer data, set them on automated DRIP messaging systems, designate triggers that result in personalised actions, and ultimately, continually inform customers.

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It’s a two-way street (for the good and the bad)

Whilst customers are now expecting what arguably they should have had all along, so can businesses. Obtaining case studies, testimonials and reviews can be a difficult task, sometimes near impossible to get a sign-off. This has now changed, customers are far more likely to engage in feedback, to help improve a business, to say thank you, or just on instinct as they would reply to a comment on their social post. We believe it’s got to a mutual position in which businesses can now expect feedback, especially if you put in so much effort during the transaction period.

The good news, if customers do not automatically supply feedback, they are almost always happy to when prompted, especially if they are happy and believe their feedback will have a positive impact on a brand.

The bad news, unhappy customers can really damage a brand, so constant quality of service has never been so important. Luckily, most consumers take an average from all the review ratings and make their decision, so one attempt at sabotage isn’t the end of the world.

2020 changed us

What can’t you get delivered these days, if not the next day from the UK, next week from China? Consumers were already leaving the high-street in favor of online purchases, the pandemic has expedited the process of altering the buying habits of humans everywhere. Marketing, especially digital has gone from necessary to essential and with the new normal-sounding very permanent, these changes seem here to stay.

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