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Brand re-design and social media campaign for one of the UK's largest online bamboo sock stores.


Branding • Content Marketing

BambooFeet has one of the largest selections of bamboo socks in the UK. Not limited to bamboo and socks, their store holds various eco-friendly materials and underwear items for both men and women. They are on a mission to provide sustainable fashion to the eco-conscious and comfort-loving customer from product to delivery.

Brand design

The site had been successful for a couple of years, but the client wanted a fresh look, so we created a multi-use combination logo.


The rebrand saw the introduction of their emblem, combining a negative space panda with green paws.

Word mark

The word mark was redesigned to use a more friendly typeface using colour to create contrast between both words, not space.  

Brand slogan

Previously, the brand didn't have a tagline, so we created 'fashion without the footprint'. It's an entertaining and straightforward strapline that explains their product and company culture using four words.

Complete logo combination

Colour palette

The brand colours consist of only four unique colours. White and black are primary colours to represent the panda, and two shades of green for the bamboo.


The primary typeface for header use is the same as the wordmark. The secondary is a fantastic body text to compliment BC Alphapipe but adds an element of increased readability.

Brand guidelines page

Social media marketing

Social content

After the new brand launch, we created both paid and organic social campaigns to post lifestyle shots of the socks in use.

Lifestyle fashion photography

Social content

We developed a series of stories for the Christmas period for targeted display advertising using Facebook Campaigns.

Christmas campaign posts



Logo design
Visual identity
Slogan copy writing


Social media posts
Animated content
Graphic design