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Creating a brand and website for an environmental consulting start-up.


Branding • Web Design • Graphic Design

EnZero was nothing more than a concept, and they needed a business name, branding, website and imagery.‍A genuine blank canvas, the clients only request was that the brand was modern, clean and professional with a link to the scientific nature of the business and passion for the environment.‍

Brand Design

Business naming

The brand name is an abbreviation of 'environmental net zero'. After a brand workshop with the client, we found this was the ultimate goal of the businesses they are likely to be hired by and, more importantly, the motivation for choosing a career in environmental consulting.


Leaving an impact on the market, not the environment.

Website design

The client wanted something different to the consulting norm, combining the simplicity of a traditional consulting site with the excitement of a tech website.

Built-in Webflow, the site uses Lottie animations to breathe life into the home page and emphasise the message of clean energy and a more sustainable future.

Graphic Design

The marketing content created included custom icons for web and social use and 3D effect graphics for social media posts. Using consistent brand colours throughout, using shades to create depth and contrast.



Value proposition
Colour palette

Web design



Custom icons
Social media imagery
Photo editing