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Website design • Webflow development • Graphic design

3-week website design and launch for holiday lodge park

Beverley Park Homes

Beverley Park Homes is a new holiday park located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with pitches available for luxury wood lodges, bespoke manufactured and fitted to customer specifications.

Graphic Design

With only a few lodges installed on site and the rest either in production or waiting to be sold, we had the challenge of bringing the Beverley Park Homes website to life with imagery so visitors could envision what they were buying.

Our graphic design team turned onsite photos into high-fidelity cartoon effect images so that the imagery properly resembled what was available to buy whilst creating a traditional feel to the site. 

Converting the images to high-fidelity cartoon-style pictures also allowed the images to be uploaded as SVG vector files which are much smaller file sizes than image files such as PNG or JPEG protecting the site's rapid loading speeds and performance.

Custom Animations

We brought the website to life with smooth text animations and even smoother page scroll effects.

The custom stacked cards slider was a customer specification that we built as a bespoke request.

Services used

Website Development

  • Website wire-framing
  • Webflow development
  • Custom animations

Graphic Design

  • Image vectorisation
  • Icon design

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